Wine is one of the best ancient alcoholic drinks made from fermented grapes. The earliest use of wine started in the country of Georgia almost 6000 years ago. Since then, it has become part of  Mediterranian culture and the culture of certain parts of China.

Yeast converts the sugars in grapes to ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat. Because of the different grape varieties and the duration of fermentation, wine tastes vary a lot. The alcohol concentration in wine also varies from 5% to 15%, depending on variants.

Other than that, wine varies from styles like red wine, white wine, rose wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, and honey wine to name a few. To preserve these beverages, you would require a wine cooler or refrigerator.

A wine refrigerator maintains 50 to 60 degrees Celcius with 50% humidity, while wine coolers use thermoelectric technology to preserve wines in the best conditions. To know more about wine preservation in refrigerators and coolers, visit:

It is exciting to attend any wine tasting tour where you can try different flavors and compare the best. The sweetness of wine depends on the residual sugar left over after fermentation. Also, some wine comes with the label “Breathe.” In that case, you need to open the bottle and let it settle for at least a couple of hours before serving.

There is a lot to discover about wines and their variants. Let’s find some of the best tips for attending a wine tasting tour.

1. Attire For The Event

Though there is no thumb rule about a dress code for a wine tour, there are generalized concepts on wine tasting attire. Most people say to dress in dark colors instead of white. This helps when you spill red wine on your clothes. Furthermore, it is better to avoid dangling sleeves for unwanted spills.

For women with long hair, tie it back or put it up so that your hands will be free to hold a wine glass. Also, this allows you to shake hands with winemakers and take important notes on particular variants.

2. Skip Perfume

It is so tempting to use some perfume or cologne before attending any tour. However, this can ruin your wine tasting experience. A strong scent can have profound effects on the nuances of every wine you enjoy. It will not only affect the wine’s taste, but its light smell can hinder you from differentiating between different varieties.

3. Eat Before the Party

Trying different types of wine on an empty stomach can make you tipsy or, in extreme cases, completely drunk. You may feel dizzy, and driving home will be a challenge. Other than that, you may have to quit without trying all of the variants.

An empty stomach with different wines can make you vomit. To help with this, try some light snacks before you attend the tour. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the tour as well to find balance in your body.

4. Make A Plan For Wine Tasting

In most cases, people join a wine party but cannot taste all variants because they have no plan beforehand. If you get the list of producers or wines from the tour, then it would help you to plan the tour successfully.

The basic plan for wine tasting involves the light to dark strategy. Yes, you will start with lighter wines like sparkling wines and move gradually to the heavier ones. For instance, first sparkling wine, then fresh whites, then richer whites, then tannic reds, and so on.

Other than that, take intermittent breaks in between each type to judge the wine’s taste among its variants. Don’t just sip and swallow; instead, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds and swallow it slowly. You can also eat a bit of french bread to cover your appetite.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Spit

One of the most common confusion in wine tasting is “Do you need to spit out the wine or not?” Spitting allows you to savor every glass with proper discerning tastes among glasses. The basics of wine tasting are to swirl your glass, sniff out of it, and sip. Now swish and spit into the glass to enjoy the best wine flavors.

6. Consider Red Wine Dilemma

Red wines have one of the most intense tastes and lucrative colors because of the grape skin. However, red wine can stain your teeth. You can use mouth freshener or chewing gums to help fight teeth stains. Also, be cautious about the amount of red wine intake. Don’t attempt more than a glass at a time or else it can stain your teeth badly.

7. Chat with Wine Makers

Wine tasting parties are an excellent opportunity to meet with winemakers. You can get to know the inside stories behind every bottle. Ask them questions about grapes, styles, vintages, regions, etc. Also, as a beginner, take their recommendations for the wine tasting experience.

8. Taste It Pure

Finding a metallic taste in a wine tasting has been one of the most common complaints in wine tours. That usually happens because of tongue rings. Make sure you keep that piercing at home before you go to the party. Other than that, ladies should avoid wearing lipsticks or balms to get a pure wine taste.

9. Do Not Hog The Booth

There could be hundreds of guests clamoring to taste different wine flavors. As such, do not block the spit bucket or monopolize the table. Take your glass and get out of the way of others to avoid any jostling. Make sure you let others enjoy the party, too. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and know more about their experience in wine tasting.

10. Enjoy The Party

You are not in a tax seminar or at a convocation speech. Do enjoy the party and lift your mood. No wonder how tasty the wine is, it is always dull when you are not enjoying the tour. Bring your spouse or friends, and cheer every flavor you taste. Make sure you take some photographs and make things memorable with your loved ones.

Final Verdict

Wine tasting tours can be a lot of fun. Follow the above tips and avoid some of the more common mistakes. Indulge yourself in the world of wine, and make it memorable.