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About Bulgaria Wine Tours

Established in 2014, Bulgaria Wine Tours is the first tour operator in Bulgaria that specializes exclusively in wine tourism. The small tour-operator was founded by Zina Sorensen from Denmark and Vasil Zlatev from Bulgaria.  The idea for Bulgaria Wine Tours was born during Zina’s master’s thesis research that focused on the potential of wine tourism in Bulgaria. In 2013, Zina and Vasil traveled around Bulgaria visiting over 10 wineries in different wine regions and interviewing them about their opinions on wine tourism, and the opportunities and challenges related to wine tourism development in Bulgaria. The outcome of the research was a master’s thesis was entitled ‘Exploring wine tourism in Bulgaria – A pathway to sustainable rural and tourism development?’

It became clear that Bulgaria can offer unforgettable and authentic gastronomy experiences.

In 2014, Bulgaria Wine Tours was established. The company received the necessary documents to operate. In 2015, the website was launched and the first wine tour was organized by Bulgaria Wine Tours.

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Meet The Team

Zina Sorensen
Zina SorensenCo-Founder & Managing Director
Hi, I’m Zina! I’m the co-founder and managing director of Bulgaria Wine Tours. I have an undergraduate degree BSc (Hons) in International Hospitality Management from the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (Dubai) and École Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland). I also have a Master’s degree (MSc) in Environmental Management & Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University (Sweden). I am a wine and tourism enthusiast. My passion for wine naturally complements my background in tourism and sustainability, and ultimately lead me and Vasil to create ‘Bulgaria Wine Tours’ in 2014. I spend my time managing Bulgaria Wine Tours, arranging wine tours, blogging about wine related news and events, creating online marketing content, working with international partners to raise the awareness of Bulgarian wine tourism and touring wine regions.
Vasil Zlatev
Vasil ZlatevCo-Founder
Hi, I’m Vasil! I am the co-founder of Bulgaria Wine Tours and I often lead the wine tours. My background is actually in renewable energy, energy management and consumption, and other environmental issues but I fell in love with Bulgarian wines and wine regions in 2013 during a research trip where Zina and I traveled around Bulgaria visiting wineries, talking to winemakers and listening to great stories. I couldn’t help but think: “People have got to come here, see these wineries, taste these wines and hear these stories”. I love history so I know many stories and local legends about Bulgarian wine and Bulgarian history. I love to share these stories with our guests and I am always excited to show off Bulgaria and the quality wines produced here. I hope to see you in Bulgaria soon so that I can show you my country and all the things that I love about it: Wine, Food, Culture, Nature and History!
Krassimira Kodukova
Krassimira KodukovaTour Specialist/Tour Leader
Hi, I’m Krassi! I am a winemaker with a Master’s degree in “Technology of fermenting products – wine and dairy products” from the University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv and a Master’s degree in “Vinegrowing and Winemaking” from the University of Agriculture. I speak French, English and Bulgarian. I spent 9 years working in a winery and was responsible for developing wine tourism at the winery and in the region. I love sharing my passion for Bulgarian wines with our guests.

What We Do

At Bulgaria Wine Tours, we organize full-service wine tours to Bulgaria but there is much more to it than simply tasting wines. Our tours combine wine tastings and winery visits with the cultural heritage, history, cuisine and nature of Bulgaria. We like to call ourselves a a tour operator that focuses on wine & food tourism with a touch of cultural and rural tourism. You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy our tours. Our tours are enjoyable and accessible to anyone who prefers vacations with a heavy focus on wine, food and culture. For those who are wine connoisseurs or would like to organize a tour for wine club or group of wine professionals, we take great pride on offering special interest tours that focus exclusively on wine and food. Get in touch for a customized tour itinerary that fits all of your needs.

Bulgaria Wine Tours offers guided private or group tours in Bulgaria’s wine regions.

Our group tours have set departure dates and are ideal for solo travelers, couples or small groups of friends, who would like to join others in exploring Bulgaria’s wine regions. Our group sizes are small. We like to keep our groups small to enhance the overall experience. Check out our Group Tours.

Our private tours can be arranged for a couple or for a group of friends, family or colleagues. Select one of our well-presented and detailed travel itineraries or  as personalize your trip to really make it yours. We can customize or create a tour  to meet your specific interests/wishes. Let us know if you have any thoughts on favored wines, wineries or wine regions. Are there any sightseeing spots that you would like to see? The length of the tour? Your budget? The more information that you can give us, the better we are able to create a tour that fits you. Check out our Private Tours. Send us a request for a Customized Tour.

Our vision is to become the most widely recognized tour operator for wine tours in Bulgaria. To do so, we will diligently attend to the needs and desires of our customers because our end goal is to provide authentic experiences and create long-lasting memories.

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Private Tours

Why We Do It

Bulgaria is a country with rich history, culture and traditions as well as beautiful nature and stunning landscapes. Bulgaria is also one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world with wine production on these lands dating back to ancient times. Not so long ago in the 1970s, Bulgaria was one of the largest wine exporters in the world, and widely recognized as a top wine producing country. The modern wineries are now trying to put Bulgaria back on the wine map as a producer of quality wines.

Bulgaria Wine Tours is dedicated to helping Bulgaria and its wineries raise awareness about the diversity, quality and regionality of its wines by bringing visitors to the best wineries in the country and allowing them to taste French, New World and unique Bulgarian varieties cultivated here.

Bulgaria is still an undiscovered country where wine tourism is concerned. Bulgaria Wine Tours would like to promote Bulgaria as an interesting and diversified tourist destination as well as highlight the variations of alternative tourism that are possible here – wine, culinary, rural, cultural, SPA and rural tourism.

Company License and Insurance

Touroperator insurance 2019

Company Details

  Name: Bulgaria Wine Tours Ltd. (Бългерия Уайн Турс ЕООД)

  Tour Operator License Number: PK-01-7373

  Company Registration Number: 203257799

  Company Address: 117 6th September Blvd, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria

6 Reasons To Book With Us

  • 1) Wine Travel Expertise

    We are the first tour operator in Bulgaria to exclusively specialize in wine tours. We work closely with the wineries, hotels and restaurants offered on our tours, and offer exclusive access to wineries that normally would not be open to visitors. We give you a real insight and local perspective.

  • 2) Quality and Service

    We check every step of your journey from visiting the wineries to inspecting the restaurants to ensure the quality of the offered service. Our tours are designed from scratch by our team through our own personal travel experiences.

  • 3) Passion

    We are a young start-up and we are passionate about promoting Bulgarian wines and wine regions as well as alternative tourism in general. We believe that alternative types of tourism such as gastronomy tourism and rural tourism will help the socio-economic development of rural regions in Bulgaria. We work with equally passionate partners in the wineries and hotels to create authentic and real experiences.

  • 4) Great Feedback

    Don’t take our word for it. We continuously receive great feedback from customers who have enjoyed a tour with us. Check our Guestbook or TripAdvisor to read customer reviews.

  • 5) Legitimacy

    We are a licensed and insured Tour Operator. We have also conducted academic research on wine tourism in Bulgaria.

  • 6) Flexibility

    We are flexible to accommodate your wishes by customizing a tour or creating a tour for you.