We are proud to announce that Bulgaria Wine Tours has been selected to be a conference speaker at the 8th International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) in Barcelona, Spain (5-6 April). Thus, Bulgaria Wine Tours becomes the first Bulgarian entity to present at IWINETC – the largest annual conference about wine tourism.

The Conference

The IWINETC International Annual Wine Tourism Conference is a global event in the wine and culinary industry.

Attended by over 300 wine and culinary tourism professionals from more than 45 countries, it involves a 2-day programme of around 30 talks, workshops and symposiums. This offers delegates a unique opportunity to meet wine and tourism professionals, exchange ideas with fellow professionals from all sectors of the wine and wine tourism industry and increase awareness about a destination.

For more information on the IWINETC: https://www.iwinetc.com/

To view the conference programme: https://www.iwinetc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Provisonal-Conference-Programme.pdf

To view the list of speakers: https://www.iwinetc.com/2016spain/speakers/

Bulgaria Wine Tours at IWINETC

Wine Tourism in Bulgaria: Where history meets the future

Bulgaria Wine Tours has been selected to give a 30 minute talk under the theme “Grape Escape Destination”. The talk is titled “Wine Tourism in Bulgaria: Where History Meets The Future” and will give a first-hand overview of Bulgaria’s growing wine and wine tourism industry. Attendees will learn about the emergence of the modern boutique wineries that promote wine tourism in the country.  The talk will also highlight important factors and supporting conditions that drive the development of wine tourism in the country.

In this sense, Bulgaria Wine Tours will be promoting wine tourism in Bulgaria in general, which will be beneficial for the entire wine and tourism sectors. This is a fantastic platform and huge opportunity to present Bulgaria as a wine (tourism) destination to media, wine tourism professionals, academics, tour operators and travel agents. Content from the conference will be shared on the official website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo), as well as featured across various media channels by media partners and other third parties attending the conference.

The aim of the talk is to relay these key messages to attendees:

  • Bulgaria is one of the oldest wine producing countries in Europe
  • The Thracians were the main “culprits” for the divine status of wine across the ages
  • The modern wine industry in Bulgaria produces high-quality wines, a fact that is proven by the multiple awards won by Bulgarian wines
  • Bulgaria is a fantastic destination for wine tourism – it is easily accessible and affordable, there are numerous high quality wineries, there are interesting local grape varieties, there are plenty of food to taste, culture and history to experience and natural sites to marvel at.

Stay tuned for more updates.

And wish us luck 🙂

Zina & Vasil