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Thracian Feasts and The Role of Wine

Have you visited Bulgaria? Or do you have Bulgarian friends who have shared with you their delicious traditional food? Are you impressed by Bulgarian meals, wines, traditional dances and the hospitality shown by local people? We, Bulgarians, live in the land of Thracians and, as their heirs, know how to feast and appreciate wine - the drink of Gods. To better understand the role of wine and feasts in ancient Thrace and why Bulgarians know how to have a good time, read our article "Thracian Feasts and The Role of Wine"...

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Thracian Wine Vessels and The Role of Wine in Thracian Culture

Wine was incredibly important to the Thracians playing an active role in religious rituals and in everyday life. How do we know? Due to the numerous amounts of wine vessels found in treasures unearthed in Bulgaria. This article details how wine was used in Thracian society, and provides an insight into the many different vessels used to drink wine.

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Surva 2017

The International Festival of Masquerade Games “Surva” is an annual folklore festival that takes place every year on the last weekend of January in the town of Pernik. The festival is the largest in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula with over 100 folklore groups participating in the games from mostly Bulgaria but also a few groups from other countries. Over 7000 spectators witnessed the ancient rituals in 2017. This year was our first visit to the fascinating 2-day parade, but it most certainly will not be our last. See our photos and videos here.

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Six Awesome Bulgarian Winter Traditions

Winter in Bulgaria is packed with holidays that mix Christian and pagan traditions. This makes winter a perfect time to visit Bulgaria if you want to experience some of the local traditions and rituals. So, pack your warm clothes and come explore Bulgaria with us. There are many unique and unusual folklore traditions and rituals to see.

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St.Trifon’s Day

The 14th of February is known worldwide as St. Valentine’s Day. However, this day has an additional significance in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria, February 14 is St. Trifon’s Day (also known as Trifon Zarezan) – the patron of winegrowers and winemakers. Despite the fact that a change in the Bulgarian calendar from old style to new style moved St. Trifon’s Day to February 1, most wineries still celebrate the day on February 14, which is the old style date.

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