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Discovering the real Bulgarian wine with Bulgaria Wine Tours

On December 9th, we invited the creative family behind the popular 'Andrey Andreev Travel & Photography Blog' on a Full Day Wine Tour around Plovdiv. Starting and ending in Plovdiv, we embarked on a journey of the senses. Three wineries, 15 wines and a lot of delicious Bulgarian food. We had a great time showing our new friends around the beautiful wine country surrounding Plovdiv. We had the chance to meet winemakers and winery owners, and taste many amazing local wines: Rubin & Mavrud. The result of our trip was a fantastic article published on Andrey Andreev's blog. We have re-published it here. Enjoy the read!

Discovering the real Bulgarian wine with Bulgaria Wine Tours2017-12-13T15:47:04+03:00

Grape Escapes: 3 Bulgarian Vineyard Stays

Bulgaria is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track destination that blends breathtaking landscapes, rich history, unique folklore, and delicious food and wine. A well-kept secret about Bulgaria is the beauty of its wine country. A visit to Bulgarian wine country is a good opportunity to discover indigenous grape varieties, experience warm hospitality and get a taste of local cuisine. There are some true hidden winery gems located in the rolling hills of Bulgaria that all offer warm hospitality, a mountainous backdrop and exceptional wine. For wine lovers, nothing beats a stay at a winery. An escape to a winery offers an idyllic setting to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine. There’s just something about being in the place of production and learning the story behind the wine that makes the wine taste better. Here are 3 beautiful wine estates featuring accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to boutique style guesthouses located close to vineyards.

Grape Escapes: 3 Bulgarian Vineyard Stays2017-08-04T21:52:39+03:00

On The Road: Northwest Bulgaria

We went on a road-trip to the very Northwest Bulgaria, all the way to the Danube River where Romania is visible on the other side. We visited a winery on the rocks, a winery in a cave, a fortress in the Belogradchik rocks and vineyards in the most inaccessible location ever. We went on a wine safari, met passionate winemakers, ate locally produced food, talked about wine and culture and history. We ate fish soup by the Danube River and visited a Medieval Fortress. We love this region, and can't wait to show you why...

On The Road: Northwest Bulgaria2018-01-09T13:47:12+03:00

5 Great Reasons To Go On A European Wine Tour During Winter

As much as you want to curl up on your couch at home with a box of naughty Christmas cookies and watch Netflix all day, there are many great reasons to travel during winter. Travel off-season and take advantage of lower prices and less tourists! Most travelers choose the warm months to travel to Europe but there are many advantages to going on your vacation during winter. Keep in mind that many places in Southern and Eastern Europe have mild winters so it's not thaaaat cold...

5 Great Reasons To Go On A European Wine Tour During Winter2017-08-04T21:52:40+03:00