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A way to experience Slovenian food culture in one day

Are you major foodie? The Ljubliana food tour is a foodies best choices! Ljubljana is bursting with local delights and unique culinary exploits you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. So, in addition to an overview of the extensive dining scene and amusing tales, your guide will gladly recommend other interesting venues that would otherwise go unseen, undrunk and untasted. Back alley gems, colourful markets, splendid wine cellars – ask and you shall receive. By the time you order dessert, you’ll be fully informed.

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Bulgaria: An emerging wine and food travel destination

While Bulgaria is not not know for being a wine and food destination yet, we feel that Bulgaria has a ton of potential to be a great wine and food travel destination. The food is wholesome, rustic and authentic. A mix of flavors can be found in the Bulgarian cuisines thanks to the influences from the east, the west and the local Balkans. The wines are unique made from both international and native grapes. Bulgarian wine has never been better! Pick Bulgaria for a wine, food and culture experience!

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Discovering the real Bulgarian wine with Bulgaria Wine Tours

On December 9th, we invited the creative family behind the popular 'Andrey Andreev Travel & Photography Blog' on a Full Day Wine Tour around Plovdiv. Starting and ending in Plovdiv, we embarked on a journey of the senses. Three wineries, 15 wines and a lot of delicious Bulgarian food. We had a great time showing our new friends around the beautiful wine country surrounding Plovdiv. We had the chance to meet winemakers and winery owners, and taste many amazing local wines: Rubin & Mavrud. The result of our trip was a fantastic article published on Andrey Andreev's blog. We have re-published it here. Enjoy the read!

Discovering the real Bulgarian wine with Bulgaria Wine Tours2017-12-13T15:47:04+02:00

Grape Escapes: 3 Bulgarian Vineyard Stays

Bulgaria is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track destination that blends breathtaking landscapes, rich history, unique folklore, and delicious food and wine. A well-kept secret about Bulgaria is the beauty of its wine country. A visit to Bulgarian wine country is a good opportunity to discover indigenous grape varieties, experience warm hospitality and get a taste of local cuisine. There are some true hidden winery gems located in the rolling hills of Bulgaria that all offer warm hospitality, a mountainous backdrop and exceptional wine. For wine lovers, nothing beats a stay at a winery. An escape to a winery offers an idyllic setting to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine. There’s just something about being in the place of production and learning the story behind the wine that makes the wine taste better. Here are 3 beautiful wine estates featuring accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to boutique style guesthouses located close to vineyards.

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