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Melnik & Struma Valley: Endemic Grape Varieties, Culture and SPA

Unique wine tasting experiences await you in the Struma River Valley Region. Take advantage of the unfamiliarity with the region and visit sooner rather than later. The Melnik & Struma Valley Wine Region is one of five broad wine regions in Bulgaria. Located in the southwestern corner of Bulgaria, the region is easily accessible from Sofia. It is about a 2½ hour drive from Sofia to the small town of Melnik which serves as a great base for a wine tasting and cultural exploration tour of the region. The region offers a wonderful blend of natural beauty, local food and wine, spa & wellness, cultural heritage sites and ancient history. Read on for more information about this lovely little wine region that has a very promising future...

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The Struma River Valley Wine Region

The Struma River Valley Region is a wine region in the south-western corner of Bulgaria. The wines from the Melnik area were long ago internationally recognized. The story goes that the Melnik wines were so dark and thick that when the snow-white skinned wives of the European aristocrats were drinking them, you could see the wine passing through their throats. Discover this wine region - the most famous wine region in Bulgaria!

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The Valley of Roses Wine Region

The Rose Valley wine region includes the sub-Balkan areas just under the Balkan Mountains. The small region lies between the Balkan Mountains and the Srdena Gora Mountain Range and is protected from extreme temperatures due to the location in a valley between two mountain ranges. The name – Rose Valley – appropriately implies that the valley is dominated by rose plantations used for production of high-quality rose oil.

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2nd Edition of Melnik Wine Routes Map is HERE!

The first edition of the pocket-sized Melnik wine map was a great success, and the recently released 2nd edition of the wine map is a great improvement over the last one including more wineries, more wine bars, more wine producers. The overall look of the map is realistic, artistic and user-friendly. The map is bi-lingual, free and available at selected "wine" places in Plovdiv, Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Bansko etc.

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