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Bulgaria Wine Tours named Social Media Partner of Wine Fest Burgas 2018

Bulgaria Wine Tours is delighted to announce its digital media partnership with Wine Fest Burgas. The annual summer wine festival will take place from 26-28 July 2018 in Black Sea Coast Town of Burgas. Over 35 wine producers will bring superb wines for the public to taste. There will be food, artisan products, wine competitions and much more. We can't wait to cover the event on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channel.

Bulgaria Wine Tours named Social Media Partner of Wine Fest Burgas 20182018-07-23T15:52:16+03:00

5 Bulgarian Sparkling Wines

Do Bulgarian wineries produce sparkling wines? Yes, and increasingly so. Check out this article to learn about 5 sparkling wines produced in Bulgaria. A few other wineries are expected to take their sparkling wines out of the cellars soon, whereas a number of others have plans to start producing sparkling wines. We believe such trends are a sign of the growing confidence and boldness of Bulgarian wine-makers. Perhaps it is worth putting Bulgaria on your wine tour map?

5 Bulgarian Sparkling Wines2017-08-31T14:43:38+03:00

Wine in the City

Outstanding local wines, friendly locals and the rustic atmosphere of Plovdiv makes for a great combination if you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Luckily for visitors and locals, Plovdiv boasts a burgeoning selection of places to appreciate good wine and food. A vibrant food and wine scene is following in this path of growth and quality that the city is currently enjoying. Read on for 5 great spots to taste wine in Plovdiv.

Wine in the City2017-08-29T13:16:40+03:00

6 Can’t-Miss Bulgarian Wine Festivals

Bulgaria’s history, culture, wine and cuisine is unbeknownst to many but this under-the-radar destination deserves your attention. Why not plan your next trip around one of these wine festivals? Enjoy authentic food, colorful folkloric traditions and marvelous wine. There is no better way to capture the soul of a destination than through its food and wine. No matter if you are visiting during the warm summer or the refreshing fall, you will find unforgettable experiences in the diverse gastronomic events that Bulgaria has to offer. Wine festivals are the ultimate experience for wine lovers, and provide the opportunity to taste and learn more about Bulgarian wines.

6 Can’t-Miss Bulgarian Wine Festivals2017-08-04T21:52:39+03:00

DiVino Top 10 ranking of Bulgarian wines for 2016

How do you answer the question: "What are the best Bulgarian wines?" Luckily, we can turn to DiVino - Bulgaria's Leading Website and Magazine for all things wine, wine journalism and wine culture. The DiVino Top 50 list is an annual ranking of Bulgarian wines. Many wines are carefully tasted and ranked. Check out the 2016 DiVino Top 10 list!

DiVino Top 10 ranking of Bulgarian wines for 20162017-08-04T21:52:39+03:00