How to Make Wine Trips Fun Even When You Travel with Kids?

Many of us believe that wine trips are for young hippies or old couples. But with booming wine tourism, many vineyards are becoming family-friendly too. So, there are many reasons for children to enjoy the trip. We list a few of them below:

1. World’s beautiful places:

The climatic conditions required for the growth of grapevines are such that the area has pleasant weather throughout the year. They are hilly with gentle slopes and have water resources nearby, like a river or a dam. Some are close to the beaches too. So your kids can go cycling, skating, and even sea surfing. Vineyards serve as the best place to realize the beauty of nature. Imagine the spectacular view of the Sun setting or snowy peaks of distant mountains and the blue waters below.

wine trip with kids

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2. Wine for you and grape juice for the kid:

We could always involve children in what we do. Let them see the growing of grapes, know about the harvesting process. While you sip the black velvet whiskey, let the child have non-alcoholic juices. Many vineyards have restaurants with a kiddies menu. So you can always check that and decide the place. You can also take them to the market places in nearby villages and enjoy the local delicacies and buy fresh produce from the farmers directly.

3. Plan a picnic:

If you have vineyards nearby your place, then you can go for a picnic and spend some quality time with children on weekends. Have granola bars, carrot muffins, string cheese, apple chips, etc. You will surely get fresh juices near the vineyard. Let the children play in vast open spaces. If the vineyard has a dedicated play zone with caretakers, it is still better. Kids would love the jungle gyms, sandpits more than the television or mobile phones. You, too, can go on bike rides along with them. It will be a day for wine-sipping and some exercise.

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4. Know village life:

For children who grow up in cities, milk comes in a sachet pack and groceries from supermarkets. Nowadays everything is ordered online, so our future generation might even forget the shops. Most vineyards have small towns and hamlets nearby. Villages can show them a different perspective. They will know how nature works, how humans are dependent on other organisms, and natural resources. The simple way of life in villages could calm you down and bring happiness.

Though there are people who feel that taking kids to wine trips is irresponsible parenting, with little preparation, you could make it a memorable and fun-filled event for your children. Kids will learn about agriculture and become responsible for nature. The marvelous landscape in and around the vineyards could be a great inspiration for the budding artist in your child. But you need to pay attention and keep an eye on your kids. You should not let them touch the vines or pluck grapes without permission. They should not be disturbing other visitors.