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Introducing Bulgaria Wine Tours

We are so excited and proud to announce the launch of our “bottle of wine” – Bulgaria Wine Tours.

We started off as a little grapevine in 2014. The idea to plant the grapevine originated in 2013. As we grew, the dreams and aspirations of creating a tour operator focusing on premium wine tours in Bulgaria became bigger too. Harvest came and left. The destemming and crushing phase was tough as was the administrative phase of setting up Bulgaria Wine Tours. Then came fermentation, stabilization, ageing and bottling. All phases that Bulgaria Wine Tours similarly experienced in the planning of the business. The rush to get started as soon as possible, the waiting for administrative matters to fall into place, the period where the rush started to settle and, finally, we were ready.

The grapevine has become a bottle of delicious wine. Bulgaria Wine Tours was ready to present to the world. Join us in drinking this bottle of Bulgarian wine. Join us on a wine tour.


~ Zina & Vasil

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