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28 03, 2020

DiVino Top 20 Ranking 2019


The 2019 list of Divino's Best Bulgarian Wines is here! Every year, Bulgaria's leading wine publication and online platform - DiVino - published their Top 50 Best Bulgarian Wines based on extensive tastings and following strict guidelines. The wines are tastes, assessed and rated. The final winners are categorized into special categories such as white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, natural wine, best buy, limited edition etc. Check out the Top 20 Best Bulgarian Wines of 2019 here!

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22 03, 2020

4 Craft Beer Bars To TRY in Plovdiv


Bulgaria has jumped on the craft beer trend and is producing great beer in microbreweries and craft breweries. Luckily for visitors to Plovdiv, there are several places where you can drink craft beer. Here are four bars, gastro-pubs and urban microbreweries where you can drink beer.

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18 03, 2020

How to Make Wine Trips Fun Even When You Travel with Kids?


Is it possible to make wine trips fun even with children in tow? Many may think that wine tours and wine tastings is an adult-only activity and many believe that wine trips are not kid-friendly. With the rise of wine tourism, many vineyards are becoming family-friendly too. So, there are many reasons for children to enjoy the trip. Check out these reasons to bring your kids on your next wine trip...

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13 03, 2020

A message about COVID-19


Bulgaria has called for a state of emergency until April 13th and we have made the decision to close down our physical office for one month. We remain available online and through our email and phone number. We hope that together we can get through this and that things will return to normal very soon.

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4 03, 2020

Wine Tasting Events in Bulgaria for Tourists to Look Forward in 2020


Bulgaria cannot be defeated when it comes to a veritable vino. Thus, for a moment, forget Spain, Italy, and France. This Balkan nation is among the countries with the oldest winemaking history in the world dating back to the Thracian times. Wine lovers and enthusiasts will surely love Bulgaria at first sight, especially its many wine tasting events. If you’re planning on visiting this country and experience different wine festivals, then lucky you!

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