1004, 2017

6 Can’t-Miss Bulgarian Wine Festivals

Bulgaria’s history, culture, wine and cuisine is unbeknownst to many but this under-the-radar destination deserves your attention. Why not plan your next trip around one of these wine festivals? Enjoy authentic food, colorful folkloric traditions and marvelous wine. There is no better way to capture the soul of a destination than through its food and wine. No matter if you are visiting during the warm summer or the refreshing fall, you will find unforgettable experiences in the diverse gastronomic events that Bulgaria has to offer. Wine festivals are the ultimate experience for wine lovers, and provide the opportunity to taste and learn more about Bulgarian wines.

3103, 2017

Grape Escapes: 3 Bulgarian Vineyard Stays

Bulgaria is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track destination that blends breathtaking landscapes, rich history, unique folklore, and delicious food and wine. A well-kept secret about Bulgaria is the beauty of its wine country. A visit to Bulgarian wine country is a good opportunity to discover indigenous grape varieties, experience warm hospitality and get a taste of local cuisine. There are some true hidden winery gems located in the rolling hills of Bulgaria that all offer warm hospitality, a mountainous backdrop and exceptional wine. For wine lovers, nothing beats a stay at a winery. An escape to a winery offers an idyllic setting to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for wine. There’s just something about being in the place of production and learning the story behind the wine that makes the wine taste better. Here are 3 beautiful wine estates featuring accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to boutique style guesthouses located close to vineyards.

2203, 2017

New Partnership with

Recently, we met up with a new online wine retailer in Denmark run by a lovely Bulgarian couple. Our story and wishes are similar to theirs. We both want to give every (Danish) winelover the chance to taste the best wines from Bulgaria. In the future, we hope to work together with cross-promotion and joint wine tastings in Denmark.

1703, 2017

DiVino Top 10 ranking of Bulgarian wines for 2016

How do you answer the question: "What are the best Bulgarian wines?" Luckily, we can turn to DiVino - Bulgaria's Leading Website and Magazine for all things wine, wine journalism and wine culture. The DiVino Top 50 list is an annual ranking of Bulgarian wines. Many wines are carefully tasted and ranked. Check out the 2016 DiVino Top 10 list!

903, 2017

5 Top Tips for Booking Airport Parking

Here are 5 top tips for booking airport parking that will make sure your holiday gets off to a good start. Your flights are booked, suitcases packed, passport and money ready, and holiday insurance sorted. So what can go wrong? Apart from flight delays, cancellations, or other factors beyond your control — nothing can spoil your long awaited holiday right? But have you booked or even considered your airport parking? Leaving things to chance and expecting to drive to the airport and find the perfect parking spot is not likely to happen. Neglecting this important part of your holiday could not only spoil it, but can end up wasting time and costing more money, not to mention the inconvenience.