4 05, 2020

9 Things Not To Forget When Packing For Your Vacation!


Off for a vacation? You have your flight ticket ready, your passport, and your credit cards. That is awesome. It seems that you are prepared for an awesome adventure. But are you prepared enough? Sometimes, it is easy to forget some of the basic things that you ought to be carrying for the trip. And such a minor mistake can ruin your whole experience. Here are 9 things that are great and super useful to bring with you on your next holiday!

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4 05, 2020

7 Myths About Wine Busted!


There are many myths about wine and drinking wine. Are sulfites bad for you? Is old wine better? Red wine goes with meat and white wine goes with fish? White wine should always be served ice-cold? There are quite a few misconceptions about wine out there that you may have heard from family and friends. These myths have been around for such a long time, everyone has probably heard one or more of these myths at some point of time. Many of these myths are not exactly true. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while we bust a few myths for you!

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29 04, 2020

Meet Kalin Kushev from Tempus Vini Wine Point


We interview Kalin Kushev from Tempus Vini Wine Point - a wine bar and shop in central Sofia. Kalin gives us his story and his views on the trends in Bulgarian wine, what people are looking for and what the future will bring. Tempus Vini Wine Point is a great place for a wine tasting or if you need to pick up a bottle of two of wine, Kalin is always eager to share his knowledge and help you make a purchase decision. New wines and new vintages are presented frequently at Tenpus Vini Wine Point. It is the place to visit in Sofia if you are a wine lover or simply wine curious...

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29 04, 2020

Virtual Wine Chat 1st May 2020


As we find ourselves confined to our homes, we might as well try to have as much fun as possible. We will spend one hour on Friday May 1st (6 pm) talking about Bulgarian white wines on on our first ever Virtual Wine Chat with the co-founders of Bulgaria Wine Tours. Sign up, learn something new and have some fun with us on Friday!

Virtual Wine Chat 1st May 20202020-05-04T21:26:22+03:00
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