Red Misket [Misket Cherven] is an ancient Bulgarian grape variety that can barely be found anywhere else. Red Misket is present in each wine region in Bulgaria, but it is most widespread in the Rose Valley wine region.

Red Misket Bulgarian grape variety

Grape characteristics

The bunch is medium in size, cylindrical-conical and sometimes winged. The grapes are medium in size and almost spherical. The skin is pale-pink to purple-red, elastic and with medium thickness. A very typical characteristic of Red Misket is that the grapes are dotted with little dark spots. The grapes are juicy and sweet, with a pleasant misket flavour. There are a few variations of the Red Misket grape – there is a variation with pale pink grapes, covered with dark spots, another one with dark pink to purple red grapes and still another one with grey-greenish grapes.

Red Misket is a late-ripening variety – the grape ripens at the end of September or beginning of October. If good care has been taken of the vineyards, the harvest could reach 10 000 – 12 000 kilograms per hectare. Red Misket is resistant to low winter temperatures and shows enhanced resistance to phylloxera. On the other hand, if the autumn is cold and humid, then the grapes develop the fungus disease grey mould. Red Misket thrives best on alluvial soils and especially around the cities of Karlovo, Sopot and Kazanluk. In addition, Red Misket develops well on the slightly limestone-clayish soils in the Sungurlare region in the Eastern Danubian Plain wine region.


Despite its name, Red Misket is used for the production of high-quality white wines, as well as for fresh consumption. Usually two types of Red Misket wines are distinguished – Karlovski misket, typical for the Karlovo area in the Rose Valley wine region and Red Misket.

Karlovski misket wines have clear, pale-greenish colour and floral aroma, supplemented by nuances of yellow fruits, vanilla, rose, as well as citrus and tropical fruits. The wines have distinct minerality, light body, slight dryness and refreshing aftertaste.

Red misket wines also have clear, pale-gold colour and rich floral aroma with hints of yellow and tropical fruits. There are also nuances of vanilla, rose, and violet in the aftertaste. Red misket wines are full-bodied, with balanced and fresh flavour.

Red Misket is one of the unique Bulgarian grape varieties that cannot be found anywhere else. It is used for the production of high quality white wines. In addition, Red Misket performs well in blends with the other local grape variety Dimyat, as well as with Riesling. One of the most famous areas for cultivation of Red Misket in Bulgaria is the Rose Valley wine region. If you travel through the Rose Valley and see for yourself the mixture of rose, lavender and vine plantations, you will definitely appreciate and understand better the distinct floral taste of Red Misket wines. Discover this Bulgarian grape variety and explore the area where it thrives best – the Rose Valley.