Western Thrace wine region

Western Thrace wine region – Bulgaria’s wine regions map

The Thracian Valley is one of the most famous wine-producing areas in Bulgaria. Due to the large area it encompases, the different soil varieties and micro-climates the Thracian valley is divided into two regions – Western and Eastern Thrace and one micro-region – Yakata (the Collar). Here we present you the Western Thrace wine region. Later on, we will also introduce you to the Eastern Thrace wine region and the Yakata micro-region.

As the name suggests, the Thracian Valley was once inhabited by the numerous Thracian tribes. It was the Thracians that introduced winemaking on these lands and therefore, the region has a long history and tradition in producing wine. Mostly red grape varieties are cultivated in the Western Thrace wine region. The most common ones are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and from the local varieties: Mavrud, Rubin, Pamid, Stanimashka Malaga.

The Western Thrace wine region is considered to be the native land of the Mavrud variety. Thus, Mavrud is the most important local variety in the Western Thrace wine region. Mavrud is an old grape variety found only here in the Western Thrace wine region and to a lesser extent in the neighbouring wine regions in Bulgaria. The Mavrud wine has deep ruby colour, high tannins, pleasant taste of berries and is perfect for contact with oak. The legend of how Mavrud got its name dates back to the 9th century. The main Mavrud producing areas in the Western Thrace wine region are around Plovdiv, Brestovitza and Asenovgrad.

The town of Asenovgrad (called Stanimaka before) is the home of another unique Bulgarian variety – Stanimashka Malaga. Even the ancient poet Homer lauds the quality of this sweet and thick wine produced from dehydrated grapes. The tradition of producing this wine was preserved in the monasteries in the area and most notably, in Bachkovo monastery. Every year to this day, in the town of Asenovgrad there is a competition for best home-made wine from Stanimashka Malaga. Asenovgrad is also the place where one finds the only monument in Bulgaria of a wine-maker – the legendary master of Stanimashka Malaga – Aristi Chorbadjakov. The legend goes that Chorbadjakov did not share the secret of his Stanimashka Malaga and now generations of wine-makers are trying to recreate the wine he was producing.

These are just glimpses of the numerous wine stories that the Western Thrace wine region preserves. Join the Yakata & Western Thrace wine tour to learn more and taste wine from the unique Bulgarian varieties grown here.

Western Thrace wine region - Monument of Aristi Chorbadjaka