Why You Should Go on A Wine Tour

Article by Rachel O’Conner

Do you consider yourself somewhat of an oenophile? Or maybe you’re more of a budding wine lover?

Regardless of how you associate, your love for wine reaches beyond the occasional glass at a family function. You have a serious affinity for vino.

So what’s next for you? A wine tour. Here’s why.

You can learn a lot about how wine is made

You don’t have to visit a famous winery to learn about how wine is made. Sure, there are nuances that may vary from winery to winery, but for the most part, you’re going to find the same process.

The biggest variations in quality come from the grape and the growing conditions (including, soil, terrain, and altitude), so even if your local winery doesn’t make the greatest quality wine, you can still learn a lot about the wine making process.

You may find a new passion

Many people start by spending time learning about wine and going on winery tours before they realize that wine is their true passion. And you can make a hobby out of this – without getting drunk all the time. That’s the danger with making wine your hobby. You have to worry about over consumption.

But you can make your own wine at home, which is a fun and challenging hobby for anyone interested in wine.

Learning how to make your own wine will give you a greater appreciation for all the other wines you enjoy. And, it’s probably the most cost-effective way to consume wine if you have a glass with dinner every night.

You’ll have an excuse to see the world

As we’ve covered earlier, you don’t have to travel in order to get the benefits of going on a winery tour. But wouldn’t it be fun?

If you have the time and budget, you can plan a trip to visit your favorite winery.

Just think about all the possibilities. You can go to  popular wine regions such as Tuscany, Rioja or Napa Valley or discover unknown wine regions such as Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova. And then, you can dig deeper and find the hidden treasures in each region. For example, there are Napa Valley secrets that can help you plan which wineries to visit in the morning versus night, and which restaurants to visit if you have a limited time or Bulgaria Wine Tours that are the pioneers of wine tourism in Bulgaria and are passionate about showing the best of the Bulgarian wines and wineries.

You can meet people who share your passions

When you go on a winery tour, whether locally or on the other end of the world, you’re likely to bond with other people who are on the tour. As you’re there, you’ll talk about the things you’re learning and the wines you’re tasting.

And with a little wine flowing, conversation flows much easier. So even if you’re introverted and have trouble making friends, a winery tour can help you break the ice.

On a winery tour, you may be surprised at who you may meet. Wine connects different types of people from around the world, so you may meet tourists or rub elbows with locals. Either way, you’re likely to make lasting connections as you bond over an amazing glass of wine.

You can explore various types of wine

When you visit a winery for a tour, the experience usually comes with a wine tasting. And since each winery has its own strengths, you may end up tasting different types of wine that you may not otherwise try. For example, if your go-to wine is Malbec, but the winery specializes in Gewurztraminer, you’re much more likely to try that type of wine. And you probably would never venture that far into the wide world of whites otherwise.

A winery tour is a perfect chance to widen your oenophilic horizons. And who knows. You may just find a new favorite type of wine.

As you remain open to new possibilities, your experience at a wine tasting is likely to shape your wine experience for the rest of your life. And that’s rather profound.

If you’re on the fence about going on a winery tour, it’s probably time to take the plunge. The experience may just be life-changing. So, which winery is on your bucket list?

There are so many great wineries out there that you really can’t go wrong. Visit one in your backyard or a winery across the globe. You are bound to have a great experience either way…