The official wine regions in Bulgaria are five:

(1) Northern (The Danubian Plain)

(2)Eastern (The Black Sea Coast)

(3) Sub-Balkan (The Valley of Roses)

(4) Southern (The Thracian Valley)

(5) Southwestern (The Struma Valley)

Bulgarian Wine Map

At Bulgarian Wine Tours, we have followed in others footsteps and further divided these broad regions. Areas where vines are not grown are excluded. Nine wine regions in Bulgaria emerge after segregating based on a number of characteristics such as:

  • Concentration of wineries

  • Wine varieties

  • Climatic conditions

  • Geographical location

  • Soils

The nine wine regions are: Northwest, Danubian Plain, North Black Sea, South Black Sea, Valley of Roses, Eastern Thracian Valley, Western Thracian Valley, Struma River Valley, Sakar.

Smaller regions facilitate smaller-scale regional wine tours and makes it possible to visit a number of wineries in the proximity.

Bulgaria Wine Map