Get a full introduction to Bulgarian wines during a guided tasting at a local enoteca in Sofia, Plovdiv or Nessebar. Scroll down through our wine tasting offers. You do not have to be an expert at all to enjoy a few hours of learning, fun and tasting. Contact us if you have a special request for a tasting or even for a wine workshop during which you can become a winemaker for a couple of hours. Wine tastings should be booked at least a day in advance.


Tasting of local boutique wines

DeGustoStation Wine Bar Kapana Plovdiv

Taste local boutique wines from a small, family-owned winery, and get to know the local wines of Plovdiv.

Enjoy a special tasting of 3 or 4 wines from a small, family-owned local winery specializing in local grapes, especially the grapes, Mavrud and Rubin, from the Plovdiv region. The tiny producer focuses on hand-crafted wines from locally grown grapes ensuring superior wines and limited series of wines. In fact, some of their wines are extremely limited with only 300 bottles produced. To truly get a taste of the unique wines from the Plovdiv region, join us for a tasting of three or four regional wines in a charming urban tasting room in Plovdiv. The tasting is accompanied by appetizers and mineral water.

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Tasting of Boutique Bulgarian Wines

A tasting of 5 Bulgarian native wines from boutique wineries in the heart of Sofia

Bulgaria has a strong wine tradition that has persisted for millennia. Enjoy a memorable wine tasting in a cosy wine bar in the heart of Sofia, and try a fantastic selection of five Bulgarian wines. What’s interesting about this tasting is the special emphasis on indigenous varieties from Bulgaria such as Mavrud, Broad-leaved Melnik and Dimyat from the various wine regions in Bulgaria as well as the special attention to showcasing wines from boutique wineries. The tasting is accompanied by appetizers and water. The tasting is led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic wine bar owner.

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Wine Tasting in Nessebar

Tasting Bulgarian wine Black Sea

Get to know Bulgarian wines while enjoying your Black Sea holiday! Choose between four different tasting options or why not try all of them.

Looking to go somewhere different than the beach in Nessebar? How about strolling into the Old Town of Nessebar and learning more about Bulgarian wines? Choose between four different tasting options – 1. White and red wines from Bulgarian varieties; 2. White and red wines from international varieties (grown in Bulgaria); 3. White, rosé, red and dessert wine from Bulgarian varieties; 4. Sweet and semi-sweet Bulgarian wines. Tastings are accompanied by appetizers, bread, and mineral water. Tastings are led by a WSET certified wine expert. Please inform us about the chosen package upon booking.

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