Are you a travel blogger? A wine blogger? A food blogger? Are you part of the general wine, food or travel media? We would love to partner with you!

What we can do for you?

We would love to invite you on a wine tour to showcase the wines, wineries and wine regions of Bulgaria. The goal is to offer an experience that is comparable to the experience that we offer our customers. On a ‘Bulgaria Wine Tours’ wine tour, we set out to truly discover Bulgaria’s wines and wine regions. We visit wineries and talk to passionate wine makers and winery owners. We learn about the wine making process from grape-to-bottle. We listen to stories about the long history of wine making in Bulgaria. We get to familiarize ourselves with native grape varieties that you’ve probably never heard of. We are introduced to the Bulgarian cuisines and try a variety of local foods. The tour is well-planned and well-executed, and the local tour leader provides useful insider tips and a local perspective. We strive to give an immersive and authentic experience, and introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful Bulgarian gastronomy.

What you can do for us?

By inviting you on a wine tour, we expect a tangible output such as a blog post/article with or without photos and/or video. Together as partners, we use all our social media platforms to promote the tangible output. For a larger partnership such as a press trip (on a longer tour) with multiple content creation, please get in touch with us. We are open to cooperation!

Featured articles

Here is a list of articles and blog posts that have been written by bloggers, journalists and other partners that we partnered with and hosted for a wine tour:

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Send us an email if you would like to work with us. If possible, let us know what your website is and when you will be visiting Bulgaria.